We hand-picked the top 10 things to see at Tech East and Tech West at CES 2019

Meredith Guetig

For all of our editorial coverage from CES 2019, click here. Read on for a round-up of some of the biggest highlights we found at Tech East and Tech West this year.

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Tech East

Samsung: Debuting in 2018, Samsung is showing off their newest model of The Wall at 75 inches, that still achieves 4k resolution.

LG: LG has brought a showstopper to CES this year with their Signature OLED TV R. This device allows users to only see what they need to as the TV rolls up and down to hide when necessary.

Magna: Future mobility is key to Magna’s new design of reconfigurable seating within a vehicle.

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Byton: Their electric SUV has a 48-inch display that is something we’ve never seen before.

Honda: Hoping to help workers in extreme conditions, Honda’s Autonomous Work Vehicle can access hard-to-get areas with their all-terrain vehicle fitted with an array of sensors.

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Mercedes-Benz: The URBANETIC eliminates the separation between people moving and goods transport — allowing an innovative approach to fulfill the needs of cities and businesses.

Bell: Their hybrid electric helicopter is the way of the future of transportation. They’ve partnered with Uber to have a helicopter ‘taxi’ available by the 2020s.  

TCL: TCL is a brand that is everywhere at CES this year. While they also have a rolling TV, the one that caught our eye was their TV’s ability to blend in with the wall with the matte TV look.

OMRON: It is hard not to watch Omron’s robotic displays at their booth — specifically the FORPHEUS that will help maximize production efficiency with their factory automation solution. 


COWAROBOT: Never forget about your luggage again! This fully autonomous smart suitcase suitcase follows you wherever you go.

Tech West

Sonograms: Helping future mothers see what is happening in their womb during pregnancy is a trend that couldn’t be missed this year.

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At Home Health Testing: Patients no longer need to go to the doctor as these devices help send medical tests (vision, blood pressure, etc.) directly with a push of a button or even on a regular basis to see if symptoms slowly develop for a variety of diseases.

Smart Mirrors: Getting ready has never been easier when you get all the information you need from the mirror you look as when getting ready.

smart mirrors ces 2019.JPG

Robotic Toys for Kids: Setting up the next generation with tech, the newest toys not only entertain kids, but teach them about programming tech.

Autonomous Wheelchair: Bringing the technology of autonomous cars to a personal level, these wheelchairs will help the handicapped get around (and over) rough terrain.

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VR Sports: Really step into the game for an amazing experience when you put on your VR headset to play football, baseball and hockey.

Smart Bathrooms: Between bathtubs that know when to stop running when full and toilets that warm your bum, bathrooms are taking a big step this year to work to make your life easier.

Home Security: Stepping up their game, a few companies are at CES to show off the latest and greatest ways to keep your home and package deliveries safe while you are away.

Sleep Wearables: One step above a mattress that works for your individual needs, these sleep wearables help track your sleep to help you get those extra zzz’s you need.

Fitness Feedback: Not only will these devices help get you in shape, but they will let you know if your form is incorrect to help you exercise without straining or injuring your muscles.

Meredith Guetig