Top 10 things you may have missed at Business Insider's IGNITION 2018

Kristin Mooney

We just wrapped up another successful IGNITION conference here in NYC. IGNITION is Business Insider’s flagship event, featuring the innovators transforming media, technology, and society.


This year featured conversations with the likes of Ray Dalio, Barbara Corcoran, Wendy Clark, Mark Cuban, 50 Cent, Danica Patrick, Alexis Ohanian, Cindy Robbins, Sir Martin Sorrell, and many more.

Weren't able to join us?

Here are 10 things you may have missed. You can see all our IGNITION coverage here.

  1. Sir Martin Sorrell says the advertising industry reminds him of Burning Man, and should embrace ‘radical change’

    What does the advertising industry have in common with Burning Man? More than you'd think, according to Sir Martin Sorrell.

  2. The 'big squeeze': Ray Dalio, founder of the world's largest hedge fund, breaks down how the next financial meltdown will look different from the last

    When Ray Dalio talks about the future of the global financial landscape, everyone should listen.

  3. Barbara Corcoran explains why she secretly 'couldn't wait' for Fridays — the day she fired people

    As the head of The Corcoran Group, which she sold in 2001 for $66 million, Corcoran ran a "mean and lean" business through clarity of hiring and clarity of firing.

  4. The man who predicted that Amazon would buy Whole Foods now expects the tech giant will soon be the world's fastest-growing healthcare company

    NYU marketing professor Scott Galloway has been known for his predictions when it comes to Amazon, first predicting it would acquire Whole Foods and more recently correctly calling which cities Amazon would pick as its headquarters.

  5. The first female global CEO of ad agency DDB says even at the top, she battles a little voice of doubt in her head: 'You gotta shut that b***h up'

    Wendy Clark says she has learned to deal with the guilt that comes along with the pressures of an executive job.

  6. Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian says we need to move past 'hustle porn' and have a more realistic understanding of what it takes to be successful

    Entrepreneur and investor Alexis Ohanian spoke against the popularity of an online "success" culture promoting constant exhaustion.

  7. Rapper Meek Mill and 76ers co-owner Michael Rubin are teaming up to move one million people out of the criminal justice system

    Meek Mill and Michael Rubin explained how their friendship has transformed into a partnership to fight for criminal justice reform

  8. The founders of a Mark Cuban-backed startup think they can help lawyers do more good for the world

    Legal startup Paladin pairs up lawyers looking to fulfill their pro-bono obligations with those who can't afford legal aid.

  9. Salesforce's Chief People Officer explains how and why the company has spent $8.7 million to close its gender pay gap

    Over the last three years, Salesforce has paid around $8.7 million to close its gender pay gap.

  10. 50 Cent says he had to convince Starz not to air 'Power' on Saturday, one of the worst nights for TV

    He convinced Starz CEO Chris Albrecht to put the show on Sunday nights, reminding him that Saturday is a night when people go out. Sunday is for TV.


See you next year!