Why we changed our IGNITION event strategy this year to maximize “time well spent” for attendees and sponsors

Meredith Guetig

Transformation is at the core of everything we do at Insider Inc. We’ve not only covered the transformation of business, but we've become experts in transformation ourselves. Business Insider started as a small Silicon Valley tech blog that’s since grown into the world’s largest digital business publication — all in just 10 years.

From the beginning, BI’s perspective has been a bit different. We make business approachable and fun. Our conversational and engaging stories have amassed a huge global following. 

For the last nine years, our flagship IGNITION event has been Business Insider’s unique voice brought to life with smart speakers, quick-hitting sessions, helpful information, and elements of surprise. 

CONVERSATION_ Justice League (Meek Mill x Michael Rubin x Nicholas Carlson).JPG

We’ve spoken with CEOs, entrepreneurs, media moguls, and cultural icons. And audiences have responded. In 2018, our IGNITION livestream attracted 2.5+ million views.


But a new decade (and a new media landscape) calls for a new approach. This year, our flagship event is transforming into a series of events, each laser-focused on a specific industry. 


Here are the top four reasons we changed course in 2019. 

To align with our newsroom 

Building out a series of events allows us to go deep on topics and industries. We can align strategy with editorial series and franchises, like “The 100 People Transforming Business,” “50 Rising Stars of Wall Street,” “30 Under 40 Healthcare Innovators,” and more. 

To let our advertising partners shine 

Smaller-scale events will offer a new level of exclusivity. Plus, a more focused event format will allow attendees, speakers, and sponsors to build deeper connections in highly-relevant environments.

To reach our audience where, when, and how they want to hear from us

We want to enhance our attendees’ busy lives and make them feel like spending time with us is “time well spent.” Rather than programming a multi-day event spanning a range of topics and industries with dozens of speakers, we’re building targeted events to speak to specific audiences that are delivered in the cities where those audiences live and work.

To offer our audience the most value

A more focused event leads to better networking and conversations, which leads to better business outcomes.

We won’t take you away from the office for several days. We won’t interrupt your productivity. IGNITION will get to the heart of an issue or industry in hours, not days. And you’ll be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about the industry and topic as you are.

Every second will be relevant. 

And you’ll leave with the information you need to move your business and life forward.